Our newest addition to the shop!

Here at Direct Mail Printers we have some exciting stuff happening. Last week we installed a new piece of equipment that goes hand in hand with our Konica Minolta digital presses. The machine we installed is a Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33. This machine does an excellent job of creasing digital print and eliminating cracking. We could bore you with details about how creasing is different than traditional scoring but it would take all day. The bottom line is that with a typical “wheel” type score, heavy print coverage, and digital toner cracking on the edge is a BIG problem. When you get into creasing it is more like a letterpress score that uses pressure, an anvil, and a die to crease the sheet. The creasing method works much better on digitally printed pieces that fold and virtually eliminates cracking or breaking the toner. If you would like to see how this little machine works there is a video below. In the video the machine is creasing a booklet cover. We would like to apologize in advance for the video quality as we are printers and not videographers.

Hope you enjoy and give us a call if you have a printed project that you would like to discuss.

Thanks, the Direct Mail teamrotated3178

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